Rolling out XR nationwide

Tiguri XR Limited was formed in 2019 following the acquisition of a UK Exclusive Technology License from Red Cube GMBH, a Swiss VR global market leader, trading as trueVRsystems.

The Company is pursuing an innovation policy to place it at the heart of the digital transformation of the entertainment and retail industry. Today, these industries are experiencing a new revolution with the irruption of augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies (XR). Halfway between cinema and video games, XR is already a global phenomenon benefiting from what can be achieved by enhancing an advanced technological environment. The problem is the high street is dying and we want to be part of the solution.


The Founders developed an XRtainment destination entertainment and retail store concept in which the general public will have the opportunity to discover and experience premium, out of home only XR content. 


The Company will build internal capabilities that readily support both large format and smaller-scale stores, including: evolve its scalable IT platform; create a consistent, well-defined customer proposition; establish its corporate values; target strength and depth throughout senior management, and develop its talent pipeline at a local level.


These foundations will place the Company in the best position to expand beyond its flagship store as it seeks to add a min. target of 16 stores to the Company’s estate by 2024 through organic growth.

ROAMDOME®  Tiguri XR Limited

Co Reg No.: 11899025

Registered Office: 85 Great Portland Street ¦ First Floor ¦ W1W 7LT, United Kingdom

ICO Reg. No.: ZA525540