ROAMDOME is pursuing an innovation policy to place it at the heart of the digital transformation of the retail and leisure industry. Today, these industries are being disrupted with the irruption of augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies (XR). Halfway between cinema and video games, XR is already a global phenomenon benefiting from an advanced technological environment.

ROAMDOME has developed an XR Venue concept in which the general public will have the opportunity to discover premium, out of home XR content. Simply put, everyone comes to ROAMDOME to do things they will never be able to do at home. 



We are looking for D2 sites (or capable of a change of purpose),  Given the flexible and modular nature of the venue concept, we consider  well located shopping centers and high footfall locations attractive.


350m2 - 2500m2 GIA.

Primary need is a clear internal area with no or few columns to allow a 22m x 12m arena. Min. Ceiling height 3m. If this cannot be met unfortunately its a deal breaker.


We are looking for a min. 5 year, max 10 year lease

Have a site?

Please send full details, including price expectation and drawings with the arena area sketched. Once reviewed we will contact you to arrange a first viewing. 

ROAMDOME®  Tiguri XR Limited

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Registered Office: 85 Great Portland Street ¦ First Floor ¦ W1W 7LT, United Kingdom

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