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ROAMDOME Virtual Reality Arena Leicester

Discover Leicester's Ultimate Virtual Reality Adventure: ROAMDOME

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

ROAMDOME virtual relaity arena Leicester

Step into the future of entertainment with ROAMDOME, Leicester's premier virtual reality experience, nestled within the exhilarating confines of the TeamSport Karting track in Thurmaston. Prepare to be transported into a world where the digital and physical merge, creating an unparalleled full-body VR journey that promises to captivate your senses.

Embark on an adventure for up to five participants, where you can explore, interact, and collaborate in a hyper-realistic virtual realm. ROAMDOME's cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates your movements, allowing you and your friends or family to experience collective escapades in a dimension where every sense is ignited.

Our multisensory arena is not just another VR gaming destination; it's a portal to the Multiverse where narrative and innovation intertwine. Dive into "The Legend of the Diamond Skull," our current narrative-driven saga. Face a future Earth ravaged by climate change, where oxygen has become a scarce luxury. Together, hunt for the mythical Diamond Skull—a beacon of hope that holds the power to reverse humanity's fate.

But the allure of ROAMDOME extends beyond its virtual quests. Complement your VR expedition with a variety of onsite attractions, including an invigorating Crazy Golf challenge, competitive E-Darts, serene Chill Out zones, and a welcoming licensed bar. Savor delightful refreshments from TeamSport’s menu as you reminisce about your VR exploits.

Perfect for corporate gatherings, celebratory occasions, or a novel night out with friends, ROAMDOME offers a distinctive backdrop for memorable events. Enhance your visit by exploring Leicester's hotspots, such as the National Space Centre, the King Richard III Visitor Centre, and the iconic King Power Football Stadium—all a stone's throw from our location.

Don’t just hear about the evolution of virtual reality—immerse yourself in it. Secure your slot at ROAMDOME by booking today. Keep abreast of the latest updates, thrilling new experiences, and exclusive offers by joining our newsletter.

Our dedicated customer service squad is at your beck and call, Monday through Friday, from 09:00 to 17:30. The arena opens its doors for extended adventures throughout the week, with extended hours over the weekend to fit every schedule. Connect with us for further details or to arrange your extraordinary event.

With ample complimentary parking and a world of adventure awaiting, your foray into the future is just an appointment away. Experience the pinnacle of VR entertainment in Leicester—ROAMDOME is your gateway to the extraordinary. Book now and let the virtual odyssey begin!

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