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ROAMDOME Virtual Reality Arena Leicester

What's the minimum age?

Part 1 - 10 years old.

Part 2 & 3 - 12 years old. These games contain strong language, and violence. Parental Guidance is advised. 


The VR equipment is heavy and younger children heads are too small to wear the goggles. 

How many people can play?

5 per session. If your group is larger we divide you into teams. 

When the first group plays, the others can  play crazy golf, eDart, or relax at the bar.

How long does a VR session last?

40 minutes. This includes your safety brief, and putting your gear on. Actual gameplay is around 25 minutes. This depends on how fast you get through each level.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time to complete check in. 

Do you do Corporate Events?

Yes, to book and customise your corporate event, choose the Group Package. You can follow the steps to add golf, darts and a bar tab. Do this before to get a quote, or simply get in touch.

What can't I wear?

We will attach tracking devices to your hands and feet so please do not wear baggy trousers or long skirts that cover your feet. 


Also, for comfort and safety, do not wear flipflops, or high heels.

We also recommend wearing a t-shirt. It can get quite warm!

Can I wear glasses


Is there parking?

Yes, there is loads of free parking available.  Simply enter ROAMDOME into Goolge Maps.

What if I am late?

We have a strict 5 minute policy. If you are late for whatever reason, we will need to reschedule the next available slot. 

Any other questions?

Please get in touch via the Whatsapp icon, or send us a message on the contact form below.


You Asked, We Answered

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