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ROAMDOME Virtual Reality Arena Leicester

What age is ROAMDOME suitable for?

Part 1 - 10 years old.

Part 2 & 3 - 12 years+.

Urban Assault 10+


Parts 2&3 contain strong language, and violence. Parental Guidance is advised. 


The VR equipment is heavy and younger children heads may be too small to comfortably wear the goggles. 

How many people can play?

For Parts 1-3, each session can accommodate up to 5 people. If your group exceeds this number, we will divide you into smaller teams.

Please note that Urban Assault is designed for 4 players.

While the first group is playing, other participants can enjoy crazy golf, eDart, or relax at the bar.

How long does a VR session last?

40 minutes. This includes your safety brief, and putting your gear on. Actual gameplay is around 25 minutes. This depends on how fast you get through each level.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time to complete check in. 

Each Urban Assault match last aprox 20 minutes.

Do you do Corporate Events?

Yes, to book and customise your corporate event, choose the Group Package. You can follow the steps to add golf, darts and a bar tab. Do this before to get a quote, or simply get in touch.

What can't I wear?

We will attach tracking devices to your hands and feet so please do not wear baggy trousers or long skirts that cover your feet. 


Also, for comfort and safety, do not wear flipflops, or high heels.

We also recommend wearing a t-shirt. It can get quite warm!

Can I wear glasses

Yes, however we advise you to remove them if possible to ensure maximum comfort. 

Is there parking?

Yes, there is loads of free parking available.  Simply enter ROAMDOME into Goolge Maps.

What if I am late?

We have a strict 5 minute policy. If you are late for whatever reason, we will need to reschedule the next available slot to avoid making the next groups session late.

What is your Refund Policy

Refunds for payments made in advance are available if cancellation is confirmed at least 24 hours before the scheduled experience, and 48 hours for Party Package or Event bookings. Cancellations made after these timeframes are not eligible for refunds. Refunds will be processed in accordance with these terms. For more details, please refer to the full Booking Terms and Conditions.


ROAMDOME is a unique virtual reality (VR) experience that offers an immersive and exciting adventure for friends, families, and teams. With their state-of-the-art full-body VR arena, you can step into virtual worlds, tackle challenges, and collaborate with your teammates to complete missions.

What are the different VR experiences offered at ROAMDOME?

ROAMDOME offers a variety of VR experiences, including:

  • The Diamond Skull: Embark on an epic quest to find the legendary Diamond Skull.

  • Patient Zero: Battle the undead as you try and locate Patient Zero's medical files.

  • The Lost City: Join forces again, and go on a rescure suicide mission.

Is ROAMDOME suitable for first-time VR users?

Yes, RoamDome is suitable for first-time VR users. Our staff will provide you with a brief training session before you start your VR experience, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. We recommend playing the games in order so you can progress your skill accordingly.

How does the full-body VR work?

The full-body VR at ROAMDOME uses a combination of sensors and trackers to track your movements. This allows you to move around the virtual world in a natural and intuitive way.

Can I hold special events or birthday parties at ROAMDOME?

Yes, Roamdome offers a variety of party packages for groups of up to 20 people. These packages can include VR experiences, eDarts,Crazy Golf, food, and drinks.

Any other questions?

Please get in touch via the Whatsapp icon, or send us a message on the contact form below.


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