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ROAMDOME Virtual Reality Arena Leicester


Join the Community and get an exclusive invite to the first Urban Assault Tournament - Play the Ultimate 2v2 Full-Body VR Shooter Game and stand a chance to win the cash pot!

Settle The Score

About Urban Assault

Strap in, warriors! Urban Assault, the heart-pounding VR combat game from trueVRsystems, throws you into a dynamic city battleground. Team up, strategise, and dominate in fast-paced 2v2 showdowns.


Here's the adrenaline rush waiting for you


Teleport between 6 unique battlegrounds for tactical ambushes and daring escapes.

Master an arsenal of weapons and unleash hellfire on your foes.

Deploy tactical gadgets like the Thermal Target Marker for ultimate dominance.

Soar above and create mayhem in a chopper! (Seriously, how cool is that?)

Urban Assault is more than a VR game, it's an eSport full-body experience. Prepare for sweat, cheers, and bragging rights – book your battle today!

P.S. Did we mention the helicopter? 🔥😊😂💀


Each battle lasts ~20minutes. If you are a single player or team of 2, join our community to find a partner and throw down a challenge. The person who books pays a deposit and other players settle up on Game Day. Visit our Forum to learn more.

Recommended for FIrst TIme


This package consists of 2 Urban Assault rounds. The first can be a practice so you can familiarise yourself with the map, and game mechanics. The second round is your time to show the other team what you got! 

Death Match
or Returning Players


If you and your team mate have played Urban Assault before, and are looking to challenge another team to a single Death Match choose this package.

Choose this if you just want to try, or you are returning and want to play a single combat round.

Mini Tournament


This package consists of 3 rounds. Play the first two rounds back to back. Have a 30 minute strategy and reload break, and come in again for the grand finalé. 

Choose this if you are a returning group of 4 and want to play a mini tournament.


An image of a single military helicopter in flight, showcased against a clear sky. The hel


Urban Assault is a PVP eSport game

Min. 4 Player Booking (2v2)

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