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ROAMDOME Virtual Reality Arena Leicester

Epic VR Adventures Await

You Can Pay Separately

Save your spot with a deposit and your guests can pay separately on arrival!

*Terms and Conditions Apply



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Experience the Trilogy in Style


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from £25.00pp

Pricing and Trailers

Prepare to be transported to a world where you'll embark on an epic VR adventure that will leave you breathless and craving more. Join us in the ROAMDOME Universe, a thrilling trilogy of VR games that will push your boundaries and redefine your expectations of virtual reality.


Start your journey with:

  1. Diamond Skull  Sharpen your skills and unravel the first mystery.

  2. Patient Zero  Up the ante! Put your exploring skills to the test as you face zombies.

  3. The Lost City Now you might, just might, be able to survive!


Why this order?

  • Become a hero step by step: Master the basics before facing tougher challenges.

  • Ammo like a pro  learn better ammo management skills required for Part 3.


Ready to become a legend?

Start your ROAMDOME journey today! Visit our FAQ for more details.

1 Game

£34.00pp, min. 2

Dip in an play each game separately. Choose any game from our Trilogy, but we strongly suggest you do them in order to get the most out of your money. 

2 Games

£59.00pp, min. 2

Do it like a pro. Back to Back and pay only £29.50 per person per game. Choose any two games in our Trilogy.

3 Games

£75.00pp, min 3

Now we are talking! Play all 3 games for just £25 per person per game. Minimum 3 people are required to book because you stand no chance of surviving when play The Lost City as a duo team.

Our Packages

First time?

Do it like it like its was made to be done - 3 part Trilogy. 1.2 hours of incredible, mind-blowing VR.


Follow the storyline, start with Part 1 (Diamond Skull) then straight into Part 2 (Patient Zero). Then take a 30 minute Upgrade Break, and prepare for the grand finalé, The Lost City.

£75/pp, just £25 per game!

Diamond Skull Adventure ¦ Patient Zero Mission ¦ Lost City Quest

(allow 2 hours+ for your total visit time)

4+ people? Learn more about our Group Events

Magic Monday


Make Monday Magic. Play any single game in our Trilogy for only £27.90pp/game. Available every Monday, excluding holidays. 

Are you footing the whole bill for your family? Choose the Family and children package and save. Available during holidays too! Strictly for Familes with children aged *10-17.

*Proof of Age/relationship may be required.

Family and Children


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