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ROAMDOME Virtual Reality Arena Leicester

3 best VR experiences - Leicester's Ultimate Full Body VR Arena

Are you ready for an unparalleled virtual reality adventure right in the heart of Leicester? ROAMDOME, located in the vibrant East Midlands, invites you to dive into a world where fantasy meets reality. Discover the ROAMDOME Universe and play the 3 best VR experiences in the world!

The Diamond SKull VR advenutre ROAMDOME Leicester

Temple of the Diamond Skull: A Quest for Earth's Salvation (Part 1)

In a world ravaged by global warming, where oxygen has become a commodity, lies the legend of the Diamond Skull. This ancient artifact holds the key to unlimited clean energy, and it's up to you and your team to uncover its secrets. Step into our immersive "Temple of the Diamond Skull" experience, where you're transported to a mysterious temple's entrance. Collaborate to navigate through hidden doors, evade traps, and solve intricate puzzles. Will you be the one to harness the power that could save Earth?

Duration: 30 Mins | Age Group: 10+ | Team Size: 2-5 Players | Weapon-Free Adventure

Patient Zero VR action zombies ROAMDOME Leicester

Patient Zero: The Fight for a Cure (Part 2)

After retrieving the Diamond Skull, your journey leads you to a secret bunker where a deadly virus has been unleashed, turning the lead scientist into Patient Zero. In this heart-pounding scenario, "Patient Zero," you and your team must defend your position, breach the bunker, and race against time to download critical medical files. Can you find the key to a life-saving vaccine before it's too late?

Duration: 30 Mins | Age Group: 12+ (Contains Strong Language and Violence) | Team Size: 2-5 Players

The Lost City action zombies ROAMDOME Leicester

The Lost City: Humanity's Last Stand (Part 3)

The stakes have never been higher in "The Lost City." With the world in ruins and no vaccine in sight, your team, now known as EAGLE ONE, faces a daunting mission. Traverse treacherous landscapes to rescue the remaining ground troops in this gripping tale of survival and bravery. It's a race against time to save the human race – are you ready for the challenge?

Duration: 30 Mins | Age Group: 12+ (Contains Strong Language and Violence) | Team Size: 2-5 Players (3-5 Recommended)

Your Next Adventure Awaits

At ROAMDOME, every experience is crafted to plunge you into narratives so compelling you'll forget the outside world. Whether you're tackling ancient mysteries, fighting deadly viruses, or saving humanity, our state-of-the-art full body VR technology ensures an immersive, unforgettable adventure.

Ready to embark on your next VR journey? Visit us at [ROAMDOME's website] to learn more, book your experience, or purchase a gift voucher for someone special. Your adventure in the heart of Leicester's East Midlands awaits!

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