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ROAMDOME Virtual Reality Arena Leicester
vr soldiers preparing for a quest at roamdome leicester




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Unlock the future of fun at ROAMDOME!

Located above TeamSport Karting in Thurmaston, we offer a thrilling mix of VR, AR darts, Putt Club golf, and classic arcade games. Relax in our stylish bar & lounge, fuel up with food from TeamSport's menu, and lose yourself in immersive adventures.


Perfect for:

  • Groups: Birthday parties, corporate events, and special occasions.

  • Accessibility: Easy access with ample FREE PARKING and minimal traffic.

  • Exclusivity: Book the entire space for your private event.


Ready to escape reality? Book your session today!

roamdome vr arena Leicester store front
Visitors playing Crazy Golf and eDarts during their VR experience at ROAMDOME

Our Reviews

Rated No 1.
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Leicester (June 24)

Welcome to ROAMDOME: Where Virtual Reality Feels Real

Dive into ROAMDOME, the pinnacle of VR experiences. Here, gaming transcends into a realm of living adventures. Our cutting-edge VR technology and immersive storytelling promise an unforgettable journey for you and your friends.

Unite and Explore in Groups

Embark on our flagship Trilogy, and embrace teamwork in an arena that welcomes up to 5 players at once. Larger groups? No problem. Split into sessions and play one group after the other.

Engage All Your Senses

ROAMDOME is more than visual splendour; it's a sensory revolution. Feel the game with real-life object interaction, smell the scents of virtual environments, and hear every detail with crystal clarity. Our arena is crafted for complete immersion, engaging all your senses, including balance and spatial awareness.



Now you are ready to put your zombie shooting skills to the test against real people. Embrace the thrill of authentic tactical combat with our Player vs Player (PvP) eSport game, Urban Assault. Step into the shoes of a skilled marksman and test your reflexes and strategy against fellow players. This 4 person (PVP) competitive shooter takes you out of your gaming chair and into a live action shoot out. 

Finished the Trilogy?

urban assault pvp esports roamdome
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